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CustomCards.biz is based on an original idea by James Whiting. Below are details of all the images used in our free Egypt E-cards.

The following images were obtained from Gifs.net.

This image was created by Pascal Gross.

Animated Egyptian flag

Gifs.net does not identify the creators of the following images.

Animated camel Animated cartoon-style camel Camel with moving hump camels moving through the desert animated Cleopatra Cleopatra’s head Cleopatra in a white gown Animated hieroglyphs An Egyptian boy An ancient Egyptian man with a cane An Egyptian and a crocodile An Egyptian carrying a spear An ancient Egyptian with a spear An eye hieroglyph blinks A female pharaoh An Egyptian god with an animal head An Egyptian god with an animal head An Egyptian god with a bird’s head An Egyptian high priest Isis A bird with a man’s head An Egyptian man with a gold idol An Egyptian mummy running An orange comical camel A pharaoh’s secretary A pharaoh at his desk A pharaoh in ceremonial dress A pyramid for sale Pyramids and a shooting star The sphinx, blinking A tourist riding a camel

These images are from WP Clipart and are in the public domain.

The Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep II An Egyptian god The Egyptian god Anubis attends the the mummy of Sennedjem A camel with a saddle A one-humped camel A camel carrying a load being led by a man A dromedary camel An arab riding a camel A camel caravan at an oasis A man riding a camel Colossi in Egypt The pyramids in Egypt A map of Egypt The Egyptian flag An ancient stone image of an Egyptian carpenter A carved Egyptian stone column An egyptian stone column A carved stone column The golden mask of Tutanchamun An image of Isis and some hieroglyphs Isis standing and holding a stick The lighthouse of Alexandria The lighthouse of Alexandria An Egyptian mummy An Egyptian mummy chasing an explorer An Egyptian mummy that’s come alive A pyramid, some camels and palm trees Pyramids at Giza The Rosetta Stone The sphinx Two Egyptian tesem dogs Tesem dogs being led by a man

All of the images below were obtained from the Open Clip Art Library and are in the public domain.

A camel silhouette A dromedary camel A one-humped camel Egyptian scarab mark An Egyptian tablet with some writing and pictures A camel being ridden An Egyptian ankh The silhouette of a running camel An Egyptian man with a boomerang Two Egyptian men embalming a corpse The soul and a god visit the body of a dead Egyptian The sphinx, inside a circle An Egyptian winged disk An Egyptian mage with the staff of the god Anubis The Egyptian god Amun The Egyptian god Anubis The Egyptian god Atmun The Egyptian god Bastet An Egyptian god The Egyptian god Horus The Egyptian god Isis The Egyptian god Set The Egyptian god Thoth An Egyptian mummy walking A camel’s head The eye of the Egyptian god Horus The Egyptian goddess Maat A camel in front of the pyramids An Egyptian image of a bird

The following image was obtained from Wikimedia Commons, and is in the public domain.


Finally, our favicon The Egyptian eagle coat of arms is courtesy of ColorX and Favicon.cc.

I’m very grateful to all the people who have made their images available – this website would not have been possible without their generosity.

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